Electropixel Festival is a digital art festival centered around experimental, transversal and emergent practices, as well as the relationship between avant-garde coding and art. Electropixel is aimed at becoming an international festival that offers a space of exchange, experimentation and development for programmers, inventors of all stripes, and artists (audio, visual, music, art, interactive) using new technologies in their creations. Electropixel wants to engage in an open dialogue with the Nantes contemporary arts and artists’ community through this festival and to reflect the diversity of these critical practices locally, nationally and internationally. Electropixel Festival works in continuity with the Pixelache network and promotes artistic projects situated at the cutting edge of these creative fields to ultimately raise awareness of emerging practices and artists often defined as “underground.” Electropixel is a three day festival, organised by the Association APO33, offering the public the opportunity to discover many digital, electronic and sound art projects in Nantes. This festival is also a way to expose the best Nantes-based artists currently working in this arena to a European and international network and audiences.

+ info: apo33.org/electropixel