Action Field Kodra is a visual arts festival organized since 2001 on an annual basis in Thessaloniki, Greece, by the Municipality of Kalamaria. It aims to introduce to the public young and emerging artists as well as experimental artistic practices. Even though it maintains strong ties with the local art scene and community, AFK during recent years has sought to enhance its international scope. Its main venue is located in the former military camp Kodra, a beautiful location by the sea, surrounded by verdant open air space. The location itself carries a heavily charged historical background; a place which saves prehistoric traces of human inhabitation but also important findings from the archaic and the roman period. It is a site of archaeological interest and ongoing excavations, as well as one of the largest military camps during World War I, and also a place of temporary settlement for refugees during the Asia Minor Catastrophe (1922) and the subsequent population exchange between Greece and Turkey. AFK is considered to be one of the biggest art events in Greece, and most of the country’s distinguished curators and artists have participated in some of its editions. It is particularly known for granting space to young artists, inviting some of them to professionally present for the very first time their work to curators, collectors, gallery owners and the public.

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