An Intimate Look at the Body of Crisis – Revisiting Action Field Kodra 2015 | Kodra Fresh: ‘Happy Accidents’


ABSTRACT: In this essay I revisit the overarching themes and the curatorial approach of one of the main exhibitions of Action Field Kodra 2015 visual arts festival (hereby referred as AFK) in Thessaloniki, Greece and discuss its social and political context in view of the financial, political and social crisis.

“Tools for an Unknown Future” – or how to realise a project with international partners


ABSTRACT: Realising a cultural project with a multitude of partners over a long period and with a good amount of money involved is not an easy task.

Ecogeographic Cultural Production? Appropriate Networking in Pixelache Helsinki & Network


ABSTRACT: This article introduces the issues of aligning ecology and sustainability in the cultural production of Pixelache Helsinki’s Festival and network. It focuses upon what might be an ‘appropriate’ form of cultural networking, and argues for an ecogeographic approach in the future. The ecogeographic case example given is that of the Eastern Baltic Sea.

In Defense of the Impending Death of a Collaborative Platform


ABSTRACT: I have an instinct to hold on to new things. To want to make them last at times way longer than they should. In an act of ultimate possession, I have been known to destroy, or let erode, the very thing I am holding on to so that by the time I can no longer hold on, the thing is no longer what I was gripping.

What Drives Us? Thoughts on Festival Sustainability


ABSTRACT: The idea of addressing the issue of festival sustainability came up during the preparations for The HTMlles 11 | ZÉR0 FUTUR{E}, in Montreal – a city of festivals.

Digital art festival sustainability: diversity of artistic genres and differentiation in cultural perspective


ABSTRACT: Why organise a digital arts festival today? Why a festival? What difficulties and differences separate a well funded commercial festival from an underfunded and non-commercial festival?

A study on sustainability and festival networks


ABSTRACT: A study on sustainability and festival networks: Are festival networks a strategic asset for small-scale, non-profit, arts festivals to achieve a more resilient sustainability? A study based on the ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound) network and its foundational project ECAS (European Cities of Advanced Sound).

Building a Female Artery in Slovenia: the City of Women Festival


ABSTRACT: The essay describes the performance I’m walking behind you and watching you (2013) at the City of Women festival that strengthened the female community and vitalized feminist artistic tradition in Slovenia. 

Self-Powered Communities: An Overview of Theories of Social Sustainability


ABSTRACT: Sustainability may be examined from an economic, political, environmental, or cultural concerns viewpoint, but can it be also be viewed through a social lens? I would like to link the concept of sustainability to the constructive skills of humans by looking at the case of community-based cultural events and festivals.